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North Star windows come with Low-E glazing, Argon gas, and the Super Spacer as standard features and are Energy Star approved.

Low-E glass is made with an invisible coating that reflects the sun’s Ultra-Violet rays. Energy Advantage Low-E glass is 2 1/2 times better than clear glass at reducing heat transfer which equates to 12% to17% savings on annual heating and cooling costs*. It reduces the damage to fabrics caused by UV rays and reduces interior humidity levels (greatly reducing window fog, condensation, and mold growth).

Rigid metal and plastic spacers cannot compensate for natural expansion and contraction, and can result in seal failure. Therefore, new thermal windows can lose up to 50% of its stated R-Value with a metal-based spacer. However, the Super Spacer is a unique foam formula that separates the panes of glass. It conducts less heat and cold than conventional metal spacers and thus provides greater insulation value for your home.

The Edgetech Premium Super Spacer® all-foam formula reduces conduction by blocking heat escape paths, while  also reducing outside noise, with up to 18% sound absorption over metal spacers. The Super Spacer is sealed with a high-performance acrylic moisture vapour seal. The Super Spacer features 100% memory foam that enables it to stand up to a wide range of temperatures.

North Star windows are designed to keep the heat outside in summer; and the heat inside in the winter. They are available in a range of styles with customizable options, coloured vinyl, and two kinds of Oak veneer.

*based on fields test performed in 2006 at the Canadian Center for Housing Technology by the National Research Council of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario.










Picture Windows

The Picture window provides an unobstructed view of the surroundings and is perfect for applications that do not require ventilation, such as inside sheds and in hallways above stairs. The picture window is often seen coupled with a casement or a hung window and is available with or without a sash.

Slider Windows

The Single Slider Lift-Out is the cost effective choice for ventilation and illumination. With one sash fixed and the other sash operating, it offers increased simplicity and security. It works well for basement windows and rental properties.

The Double Slider Lift-Out features two operating sashes that lift-out for cleaning, and a full screen. This makes it perfect for basement bedrooms that require an escape route through the window.

Say goodbye to ladders! The Double Slider Tilt window is perfect for second story applications because both sashes tilt inward to allow easy cleaning. Equipped with a full-size screen that is detachable from inside, the Double Slider Tilt provides convenience and increased ventilation.

The 3-Lite End Vent features two operating sashes on the ends of the window with a picture window in the middle. It is the perfect application for openings that are too wide for common single or double slider windows.

Hung Windows

The cost-effective Single Hung Tilt window has a bottom operating sash that tilts in for convenient cleaning. Common applications of the Single Hung Tilt include rental properties and windows located on first story.

Say goodbye to ladders! The Double Hung Tilt window features two operating sashes that tilt inward for easy cleaning. It also comes with a full-size screen that is removable from the inside. This window is commonly used on second stories and washrooms. A Double Hung Tilt with frosted glass [hyperlink to obscured glass] is an excellent choice for washrooms: the top operating sash allows for ventilation while the frosted bottom sash gives privacy (in the closed position).

Crank-Out Windows

The Casement window allows the greatest amount of ventilation, as well as an unobstructed view. The easy-to-remove “EZ Screen”, fold-down handle, and multi-point are standard features on our windows. Casement windows are usually found at the ends of Bay and Bow windows, or coupled with a Picture window.

The Awning Window

has an unobstructed view and cranks out to 45 degrees. The design of the Awning window allows it to be opened during the rain. It is equipped with the easy-to-remove “EZ Screen” and fold-down handle. Awning windows work well in bathrooms where ventilation is always required and above the kitchen sink.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay windows can be created in the arrangement of your choice and are available at 30 degree and 45 degree projections.

Bow windows can be created in the arrangement of your choice; from 4 to 6 lites; and at 10 degrees, 15 and 20 degree projections.

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